Hardwood floors add to the overall aesthetic charm and appeal of any room. With authentic styles and its ease of maintenance, a hardwood floor will provide stunning beauty that will outlast almost any other material.

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For over 25 years Rob Jones has been working in the industry. In 1996 he decided to open his own business and Alpine Floor Refinishing was born. Since that time Rob has worked to build Alpine’s reputation as one of the best in the industry for both commercial and residential. As an owner operator Rob takes pride in all his work and is present on every job.

Alpine Floor Refinishing’s mission statement is simple, provide the highest quality workmanship to deliver unparalleled beauty and professional service to each end every client.

No matter what your needs, from new installations to repair and refinishing, Alpine Floor Refinishing is the company for you.

The Hardwood Floor Advantage

Hardwood floors add long term value to your property. With life spans that can exceed 100 years, hardwood floors can outlast most any other type of flooring. In addition to their aesthetic beauty hardwood floors improve indoor air quality according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Modern advances in in stains and finishes make maintenance easier than ever. Regular sweeping with a soft bristle broom or vacuuming with a soft attachment is all that is required to keep your floors clean.

Choosing the right finish for your needs will also factor into the long term endurance and beauty. Alpine Floor Refinishing is your expert consultant in helping you choose the right finish for your particular needs.

Contact us for a consultation and schedule your floors today.

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